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TrueTimber Website Re-Design

Objective: Redesign the existing company website using Wix as the platform to run it. Solution: From the original site, we expanded the home page to include featured products and created new info pages that showcased each part of the company. Skills:   Digital Design Web Design Layout Research Typesetting Copywriting

National Geographic Website + Application Re-design

Objective: Redesign a website, application, and branding for an existing company of my choice. I chose National Geographic. Solution: National Geographic is committed to exploring, storytelling, the power of science, and strives to bring the world to their audiences, so they may learn about the world from home. I chose to redesign the website and …

OneTrack Diabetes Apple Watch App + Band

Objective: Design an Internet of Things product. Solution: The IOT (Internet of Things), refers to an item that collects and exchange data with another device. Using bio sensor technology, my goal was to create a device that would monitor glucose levels, and alert the person wearing the device when their sugar is too low. The …