Dhiren Typeface

Dhiren Typeface Design

Objective:Design a typeface to serve a particular purpose of our choosing. Solution:My typeface was designed for the Tiger’s Curse book series and was meant to replace the typeface used on the front and inside of the book. My inspiration for the typeface came from different typefaces used in india, due to the book series being set within their culture. The project included the typeface, a book that explained our process and a poster showcasing the typeface and all of  the letters, numbers and punctuation’s within it.


  • Layout Design
  • Research
  • Copywritting
  • Typesetting  
  • Typeface Design
  • Photoshop                                                      
Opening Pages
How To Choose
Letter D
Letter O
In Action 2
In Action
Tigers Curse & Quest
Tiger's Destiny & Voyage
Book poster in action