I am Anna McAbee and I am a Graphic Designer

I design with the intent to solve the creative puzzles of the world through methodical attention to detail, determination, and dynamic means. This In turn, yields deceptively simple designs that effectively and clearly solves the problem at hand. With each new design presented, I eagerly look forward to gaining new experiences and skills through different solutions that may require me to try something new.

My drive for design comes from that aha moment when the chase to find the perfect idea comes to a halt when the solution to the problem has been unearthed, resolved, fully realized and can undergo the next step in the process. Once the conceptual idea emerges, only then does the task of finding the right visual representation comes into play. These visuals may include illustrations, photographs, vector elements, or something completely new. The elements I choose to use are based primarily on the individual project and the elements that best communicate the idea to its intended audience. Because of this, my designs do not adhere to any particular style, but rather adapts to the style needed to solve the problem.

My work appears to the outside world as deceptively simple, yet behind every simple design is a complex idea that has emerged through the conceptual process that starts from the moment I receive the project until the final element is placed. The hardest part is taking a complex idea and turning it into a simple design that clearly communicates the message, but to the untrained eye appears effortless.

I am Anna McAbee and I am a Graphic Designer

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